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The Authors and Artists who are Members of Mountain Mist Productions value the past and love nostalgia. Our journey with Oldies at Large has been as much a discovery about ourselves as about other people’s love of nostalgia. We have clearly been shown a path which has allowed us to retain our principles and beliefs and we don’t have to be caught up in the calculated opportunism we see around on the Internet these days.

Our real journey began in 2000, when Mountain Mist Productions began, and then Oldies at Large came along in 2005. We soon discovered that it is much more satisfying to be able to entertain people and to hold precious all of our memories, good and bad. The past should never be held up as some golden time when everything was perfect because that would be totally deceitful. There is nothing wrong with acknowledging Life’s little quirks and trials along the way and we all come out the stronger for it. Retrospective reflection can be a very positive thing – so long as we keep it all in perspective, that is. We aim to alleviate some of the stresses and strains people experience these days but we are also aware of the need to stay grounded in reality so please don’t see us as some sort of fantasy initiative.

What we see as an ideal for Oldies at Large is to entertain, certainly, but also to in some way validate the past – in a good way. By concentrating on the positives of both the past and the present we simply try and have a good time. Almost without us realising it Oldies at Large pushed forward as a natural introduction to our planned Twyckwick Project. Below is what we featured on our Main Site to introduce Oldies at Large and hint at what is in store:




A new Site will launch soon - thank you to everyone who wrote suggesting we keep Oldies at Large as a stand alone Site. All duly noted - we'll still have a section on Twyckwick® though!


Meantime, let's celebrate the history and philosophy behind Oldies at Large and give you a few hints as to what to expect on the Twyckwick Site.

The town of Twyckwick is located on an island called Claver's Landing and it is there you will soon find all the fun and nostalgia of Oldies at Large. It will be worth the trip to visit the Oldies at Large Bar and Grill where you can enjoy all of the delights you have come to associate with Oldies at Large.

Here is our original logo:

Oldies at Large Logo

The Oldies at Large Logo encompasses everything we envisaged for Oldies at Large. We celebrate good books, music, nostalgia, entertainment, peace, love, memories, a relaxed lifestyle, precious things and companionship as we travel down Memory Lane.


Mountain Mist Productions, with founder and Principal, L P King, began in 2000 as one of the first E-Publishers in Australia. Today the main domain of www.1stmist.com  serves to launch the other initiatives of Mountain Mist Productions. This is the "home" of the Authors and Artists who are Members of Mountain Mist Productions and it is where we spotlight them and their work.


Mountain Mist Productions had as its inspiration the rolling mists of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. Hence the "1st mist" is a welcoming feeling of home. It wasn't long before the mist began to creep over the seas and over other lands, all the while bringing new friends into the fold and firmly establishing our "Family". 


The Authors and Artists have each established a very reputable online and professional presence. Officially we are a small group of like-minded individuals who showcase and sell our work through the various Mountain Mist Productions Websites. Membership of Mountain Mist Productions is strictly limited and we closed off Submissions in 2006. The Members all come together to share what they do and the role of Mountain Mist Productions as publicity support for our Members is now becoming increasingly significant. 


It is not all work and no play though, and we have to be honest and say we do enjoy being able to entertain people. Especially if this means we can make some small contribution to the healing - to making people happier or simply to making it easier to just live. And,  learning and adapting bring unequalled satisfaction. We did not start out to entertain, but if that is what it takes for us to remain true to ourselves, to our Art and to our supporters… so be it.


Oldies at Large comes under the umbrella of Mountain Mist Productions. With a global mandate, it is an Australian venture which began in early 2005, and the name Oldies at Large was created by us during one of our now-famous family "around the kitchen table" sessions. It was actually suggested by Gregory Austin, one of the original Members of Mountain Mist Productions. We all thought it was a catchy turn-of-phrase, and so we adopted it as a .com because we envisaged a worldwide market for the exercise. This was our original concept; and part of our story has been that we have been shown the way for our Oldies at Large. It has meant we have gradually been able to solidify our ideas and principles and decide who we are and where we want to go.


Now, with our Twyckwick Project, we can see the potential to do more to get out there and reach people. Not to make money, but just because we are losing humanity daily, and if this is what it takes to bring a little of that back then that is what we need to do. We now see Oldies at Large as a gift. We are proud to state that this is the only Site with which we are associated which bears our Oldies at Large name as originally intended.


We've come a long way since 2005, when we envisaged helping seniors to self-publish their memories for posterity. We no longer think it viable to be involved with self-publishing; but we do believe in memories and nostalgia. Our nostalgia theme is now being further enhanced with the Twyckwick Project and we envisage Oldies at Large being entwined with the fabulous community located on Claver's Landing. We particularly like the historical perspectives presented by old videos and old black and white images. We also love all the fun and wonderful colours from the hippie era. So, there is so much we can potentially work with and that is very exciting.

Our interests lie naturally with our books, but now a lot of our Authors have also joined our Artists to produce greeting cards and peripherals. Oldies at Large, from the outset, gave our Members a little light relief from our main activities. With a variety of Websites, the Members are able to showcase different aspects of their work in each of the Mountain Mist Productions venues. We saw Oldies at Large as a place where people could come to relax and remember what it was like back then....

Oldies at Large has always been envisioned as a good launching point for Twyckwick® simply because it has all the elements we want to introduce on Twyckwick. Great food, recipes, music, video clips, rock and roll, dancing and our very own theatre at the Oldies at Large Bar and Grill - come along and join in the fun when we launch Twyckwick - don't worry, you'll hear about it!

Oldies at Large

Keep an eye on our Bulletin to see when Twyckwick® and the

Oldies at Large Bar and Grill
is open for loads of fun.


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