Memories which form part of what is now deemed "nostalgia" define who we are and how we view
the past in order to understand the present
and influence the future. Some memories are
an intrinsic part of our psyche and some merely
provide a delightful interlude from the drudgery of our
daily lives. Either way, our spirits are enriched by
our memories which forever touch our very essence.




Getting all nostalgic...


Our views on Nostalgia


Nostalgia Article #1


More articles to come...



When we originally started  Oldies at Large we had a section where we asked people to remember some of the things from "a little while ago". Here are some of those memories...



All-time favourite quotation (Author unknown):

"In the Sixties people took acid to make the World weird.

Now the World is weird and people are taking

Prozac to make it normal."



In the Sixties Peace meant Love.

Now it means Politically Correct.



The Seventies was the last thinking generation.


 Aged hippies are not under-achievers.

They're still trying to find themselves.


People in New Zealand knew Elvis had left the building before he did.



People in Australia are still trying to figure out what happened between 1950 and 1980.


Rabbit stew is rabbit stew no matter what fancy name you give it.


Gob-stoppers and cobbers... sweetest-tasting mates.


Bongo bags, bermuda shorts and frilly tops.


Sling-backs and head kerchiefs.


Fedoras are back in style.


There's a reason Stompin' at Maroubra became such a craze... mosquitos.


The Tiv on a Saturday night...


Holdin' you in my Holden...


Someone shouting, Snake!... could empty an Outdoor Picture Show in five seconds flat.


The best seats at the pictures were in Peanut Alley... so you could catch all the jaffas rolling down the aisle.


Fleas 'n Itches... no place to wear the old Bag of Fruit...







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