The movies have always been a special way to reminisce - the stars,
the music, houses and their decor, a way of life, special places and
historical moments. They all make up our memories and in no
small way influence us and how we see the world.

The nice thing about movies "back then" was how well they were
crafted, and how attention to detail was just par for the course.
Often lessons were learned and emotions and values just
seemlessly seeped into our living rooms without all the anger,
violence and aggression that is present in many modern movies.

And back then movie scripts were works of art in themselves.
Locations and set decorations were meticulously chosen
for authenticity without all the bells and whistles we have today.
Special effects were perhaps primitive, but they nonetheless did
the job and created the appropriate response in the audience.

And the movies were social affairs. Many remember special
first dates or regular attendance at the Saturday Matinee down at the
local Picture Show. Or later, at the Drive-In just out of town where
you could also get a meal and meet up with all your friends.

Special memories... so let's enjoy some here.

We'll source these movies from different places. Occasionally
we may have a bit of a glitch if the movies are removed because
the poster has breached copyright or has closed their account, etc.
We may not always know this; so we hope you wil
tell us. Thanks.

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 The Day Mars Invaded Earth

Classic Sci-Fi 1963


Kent Taylor, Marie Windsor, William Mims

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