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We don't do any form of social media -
we don't need to, we were here first.

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We welcome the opportunity to exchange links, but we must find your Site in common with ours and Sites which are of lesser artistic value and/or Sites that are for purely commercial gain and which are little more than veiled marketing exercises, will not be considered as suitable link partners.


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We are currently trying to support friends and independent businesses just like us. We find it very sad that big business is honing in on the little folk (who have been around a lot longer in some cases). Consequently many of us are re-thinking what we do and we are very grateful to the friends and colleagues who have stuck with us all these years.


Our commitment is solely to our own Membership. We do not usually offer any outside endorsements whatsoever. Any exceptions are carefully vetted.


We take no responsibilty for the content presented by others.


We take no legal responsibility for any content referencing us or any of our Members and which is used without our knowledge or permission. We reserve all  rights.


It is not our policy to offer any references, reviews, testimonials, links or advertisements whatsoever for any services, electronic or printed copy or products offered for sale by any other Company, Shop, Website or individual. We will ocasionally link out of reciprocal courtesy, or to draw Readers' attention to interesting content, and said links will be specifically acknowledged and contained within our own Websites.


All approved references to Mountain Mist Productions and L P King are expressly stated on the Mountain Mist Productions Websites. It should not at any time be construed or implied that we endorse the conduct or views of any other individual, Company or Website whatsoever.

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Our Bulletin will announce changes as they occur.

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Just Lovin':


The Healing Touch of Music: An Exploration by Alana Woods:


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eBook Crossroads is a premium resource for readers,

writers and publishers  with advice and products for anyone involved with eBooks and Audio Books.

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 Books Directory

Free Website Tools & Clipart
Free & low cost stuff for web your website, HTML Tips & Tricks, as well as a large clipart archive!


Everything for the cloth doll maker at:



Clothing & Accessories for the Trendy Dog


Our GSD Rescue Friends

Buy a Bale

Durong Dingo Sanctuary in Queensland


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 Crosswalk Directory:
Over 18,000 wholesome, family friendly, Christian websites.

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